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Basic Criteria for Choosing Keywords

Basic Criteria for Choosing Keywords - Noella Knoll

Once I created my website I discovered that most of people began purchasing products on Internet by conducting searches in Google or some other search engine. What did it mean for me as for the owner of the online shop? I needed to make sure that people who were looking for my products in Internet would find my website. It is one of the basic Toronto SEO Company strategies.

But what to do to make people find my online shop? What steps did I have to do to make my website be placed in the top position in Google according to keywords used by my target clients? The top position means that the website will be on the first or the second page of search results. The rule here is as the following: "You are to be the first in Google or other search engines." But it's better to be the first one in all of them.

I know that all begins with keywords. First thing I decided to do was to make some research and find keywords used by my target clients, and make the list of possible keywords for my website.

Then I was to choose keywords and phrases on which SEO of my website would be concentrated. I chose the 3-5 most important keywords from the list, which would dominate pages of my website; and the 20-30 most suitable key phrases I was to use on my website.

But I had one question: "How to choose best keywords for my website?" I discovered several criteria for selection of these keywords:

1. Relevance. Keywords I was to choose were to correspond to my website's content and what I offered on it.

2. Popularity. It wasn't enough for me just to know what keywords people usually used. Moreover, it was important to know which of them were popular search queries by Internet users. However, I discovered that the more popular the word or the phrase, the more other website owners tried to get good positions in search results on them.

3. Competitiveness. Some quite common words and phrases such as "marketing" or "travel" have a lot of serious competitors and it was difficult for me to get a good position in search engines based on such keywords. They are, as a rule, very popular words. The more popular words are the higher their competitiveness is. I understood that sometimes it was worth choosing less popular but more relevant to my website keywords and to use those on my website instead.

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