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Be aware that the most important restraint system is in your car

Be aware that the most important restraint system is in your car - Noella Knoll

Vehicle restraint systems go way beyond loading docks and semi-trucks. While these are obviously incredibly important to ensure the safety of loading dock areas, there are actually other types of vehicle restraint systems to go way beyond the business side of things. In other words these restraints are important for the everyday consumer as well.

You may be looking at this and saying to yourself that you don’t have a vehicle restraint system in your car, but that is not true at all. Your seatbelt is actually a form of vehicle restraint system. In fact, according to the federal government, this is a mandatory type of system that is required to be in all vehicles, and is referred to by the government by the specific name.

We bring this up to you because we want you to fully understand that seatbelts are the number one way that you can protect yourself from being hurt during an accident. Airbags have become very popular additions to vehicles, and help to reduce the risk of injury or death when an accident occurs, but the number one way to reduce injury and death is through use of vehicle restraint systems.

These restraints are specifically built to ensure that a large amount of force can be held still against the seat should you get in a very severe accident. Consider the amount of force that your vehicle undergoes when you hit another car. You were talking about two vehicles that are moving at speeds of over 40 mph, and those vehicles are over 2000 pounds each. If you think that holding your arm against the steering wheel hoping to stop your motion from going forward is enough, it’s time to get real!

The vehicle restraint systems in your vehicle are the number one way to keep you safe in an accident. This means that you need to be wearing your seatbelt at all times when you’re driving. It honestly doesn’t matter whether you’re just driving down the street to the local grocery store, or if you live out in a country road were you barely ever see other vehicles. If there is a risk of you getting in an accident while you’re in your vehicle, then it is to your advantage to protect you and the love ones you have inside your vehicle by ensuring that their properly wearing the vehicle restraint systems in the car.

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