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Getting Away From it All

Getting Away From it All - Noella Knoll

There are only a few things that I enjoy more than getting out and driving my car. Of course, you have to get out of the city first, but there are few things better than getting on a long and winding country road and pulling the top down so that the wind can just rush through a girl’s hair. Granted all of that wind means that a quick trip to the little girl’s room is usually required should I make a stop. After all, I must look terrible with my hair standing up like a lion’s mane!

It’s like all of my troubles just melt away when I’m behind the wheel of my car. The rev of the engine and the squeal of the tires on some smooth blacktop paving Edmonton really does it for this girl. Crank up a few tunes on the CD player and I swear that I’m in heaven.

I try to get out of the city once or twice a week to just have a good drive. With all the stresses that come along with life I think that it’s good to have a hobby that you can enjoy and that washes all of the other stuff away if only for a brief moment where you indulge in it.

A lot of my friends think I’m a little weird that way. Apparently being into cars las I am is more of a lad’s pursuit, though I think all of them are secretly just a little bit jealous that I have this special little hobby that they don’t get to share in. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girls and there are few things quite like getting together and dolling up for a night on the town. But there’s something about the raw purr of an engine that always gets me.

To be honest I blame my dad. He was never into cars in quite the same way as I am, but he always made it a point to take me out once a week for a drive. It seemed to soothe his soul a little, plus it gave us a good chance to talk about what had been going on in our lives. There are few things more precious to a little girl than the time she gets to spend with her father and I would like to think that he’s in there with me when I let my hair loose and get out on the open road.

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Beautician and lover of quality beauty products – both in pharmacy and her cosmetic booth - Noella Knoll will offer recommendations for your beauty and well-being via this blog, and will not hesitate to share her day to day life. An accomplished businesswoman, she adores covering a wide range of topics that impact your life. Watch for her!