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The housewarming party

The housewarming party - Noella Knoll

My best friend purchase a house at the beginning of this past summer, but she had moved in only recently. I think it was a week or maximum two ago that they were able to move. I am not sure if the renovations they did took so long, or if the previous owner had added some extra clauses in the contract. No idea! Point is that today I went to visit them in their new house. When she gave me the address, I had no clue where they were located. Once she had mentioned they were two streets down from the place where they sell outdoor blinds Longueuil, I had an idea of the area they were.

Before leaving work, I had a look on Google Maps to see where I had to go. It was not difficult at all to reach their place. Even by bus, it was okay. I did not take the bus today, because I had driven to work.

On my way to their house, I stopped at IGA and bought a cake. I did not feel like going empty handed. Especially when it was the first time I was going there.

From what I had understood from my friend, it was not a housewarming party, neither a potluck gathering. I was under the impression that I would be the only visitor. She neglected to mention that she had invited other people. When I got there, I was surprised to see they were having over around twenty other people.

Boy, I was happy I had got that chocolate cake! Though I regretted not getting a bottle of wine as well, or a case of six beers! I should have listened to my instinct and get it. When I asked my friend why she did not tell me it was a party, she smiled and said that it was a last minute thing. Most of the guests were invited within the last twenty four hours.

Anyway, she introduced me to some of her co-workers and school friends, among which a painter from Quebec City. I assumed she insisted on me getting to know him, because he was single. My bestie keeps on trying to fix me up with someone, although I have said it countless times that I was perfectly happy the way I was, without a man in my life. This painter was pretty cute and had a good sense of humour. I enjoyed chatting with him. Though when he invited me over for the week-end in Quebec City, it was a turnoff for me. Too much to ask, too soon, if you get what I mean...

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