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Latest project: bedroom insulation

Latest project: bedroom insulation - Noella Knoll

The apartment I currently live in is the smallest dwelling, I have ever stayed. Also the walls are so thin and poorly insulated that I hear every single conversation that my neighbours have. I am sure they can hear everything I say when I am on the phone or talk to someone inside my place. 

When I moved here, I had no idea about those things. I was happy that it was clean, had a reasonable price and it was in Griffintown. The area had changed a lot during the last four years. I liked it here because I was very close to downtown. I did not have to commute anymore. I could have just walked to my office, instead of taking the train and then the bus. From my apartment to work, I make around fifteen minutes walking. Maybe twenty in a winter day.

Getting closer to work saved me money and time and I loved it. Since it was summer and I did not spent too much time indoors, I did not care much about the noise element. I was too busy enjoying the warm weather, going kayaking and hanging out with my friends. 

Now that it starts getting a bit chillier, and soon the cold will kick in, I am thinking maybe I should do something about this noise thing. Maybe I should insulate properly at least one of the rooms. Maybe my bedroom. That would allow me to have a good night sleep without hearing the neighbour’s TV or chats. 

When I say I should do something, that actually means having my brother doing all the work because I personally have no idea how to do it. I have some skills but they are not having anything to do with constructions or renovations. 

While I was inquiring my brother about the costs of my little home project, he said he would do it for free for me, as long as I paid for all the materials he needed. That was all I needed to hear. I agreed and asked him to start right away or whenever he was available. The sooner, the better. Preferably during the week, when I was not at home. 

He replied that he was booked for a few days, doing some work in automated alarm service. His only days off were Friday and Saturday. I told him I was okay with that and I was looking forward to having him over.

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