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Road works again!

Road works again! - Noella Knoll

I absolutely hate driving into work right these days. It seems that the road gods are all against me and have decreed that every route I usually take is to receive a new layer of an Alberta asphalt right at the moment that I choose to take it. It’s making getting to work a major hassle. In fact I’ve been late three times already this week, which of course means that I get to stay in late so that I can make up the time that I’ve missed. Ah the joys of situations that are completely beyond your control.

Still, I suppose I can’t complain too much. After all, just a couple of months ago I was complaining about the state of the roads and how they really could have a new layer of Alberta asphalt. They were full of potholes and really made driving dangerous. "Be careful what you wish for" is a phrase that springs to mind here.

The coincidences are remarkable though, because it’s not like I only have one route into work. I actually have three routes that I can take without losing too much time between each. Yet it seems that just at the moment I take a given road, I run into road works no matter which way I turn. There’s no escaping the Alberta asphalt for me these days and I have to admit that it is indeed frustrating.

On the bright side I’m at least getting a little bit more leeway when it comes to work at the moment. I don’t really think my boss believed me when I told him that I was getting held up on the Alberta asphalt on my way into work the last couple of times times. I can’t imagine why because I’ve been a model employee during my time at the company. Still he decided that I was making it all up so I have to admit that I was quite satisifed when he came into work late yesterday complaining about road works and how they'd held him up.

I cast a bit of an aside glance in his direction and he picked up on it. I got an apology and was told that I would be excused if I was late for the duration of the road works, which is always a positive. Happily it looks like my main route is almost done now so it shouldn’t be too long before I’m back on track again.

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