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The Secret to Long-Term Happiness

The Secret to Long-Term Happiness - Noella Knoll

One winter evening, I was back from my free fitness class Mississauga. I was sitting near the window looking out, admiring the beauty of nature. How perfect snowflakes are with their shapes, the way they look Winter has always been my favorite season of the year. Winter is very beautiful, and it also is cold. I was thinking about the problems that sometimes occur in families. Why do people quarrel? Why do they sometimes forget about each other’s feeling and start being so selfish, thinking only about themselves? Why do they make each other cry? It was a philosophical moment for me. Sometimes such moments come into mind, and in those moments I am not in a good mood for chatting or listening to somebody else’s story. That winter evening was exactly such a moment. I was so thoroughly in deep thought about the relationship between a man and a woman that I did not even notice the sound of the bridal show in which one girl was telling the story of her happiness with a smile.

My parents often quarreled because my father was a hot-tempered person. My mother was the calm one; that’s why she often felt bad because she could never say anything bad to dad. At one moment, I saw how my father just destroyed her health with constant quarreling, and I asked myself: “Why is she bearing it?” Some years later I asked her about it. The answer was simple. She said that she wanted us to have a normal family, to have a father. Of course, I am grateful for this, but I wonder if I would have so much strength to bear it as she did. I do not have the same character my mother has. I can express my opinion and I am not one of those silent and weak women who depend only on their husbands. Some people tell me I am too naive, and it is true because I still believe everything people tell me, but I want to become a strong, independent woman. I am not saying I do not want a family. I just think that both people must make some self-sacrifice in the relationship, not only one.

For a relationship to be strong both a woman and a man must work for their mutual benefit and then they might bloom like a flower does with coming of the spring. Self-sacrifice must not be taken just by one person. The secret of good relationships lies in a mutual understanding and working hard, and if you follow it you will be a happy person. What is your secret of good relationships?

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Beautician and lover of quality beauty products – both in pharmacy and her cosmetic booth - Noella Knoll will offer recommendations for your beauty and well-being via this blog, and will not hesitate to share her day to day life. An accomplished businesswoman, she adores covering a wide range of topics that impact your life. Watch for her!