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There are great monitors to check your air quality

There are great monitors to check your air quality - Noella Knoll

I wanted to make sure that the quality of air in my home was the best it could be. I don’t mean to sound like some kind of alarmist, but I want to try to be as healthy as I could be. I eat right, watch my diet, work out regularly, and try to use products that are really beneficial for my overall health. I want to not only live longer, but also to have a quality of life that can enjoy those longer years.

A few years ago, I talked with a friend of mine who did air quality testing Montreal, and he explained to me that if I really wanted to ensure that I was living my life as healthy as possible, that I wanted to ensure that I was testing the air in my home as well. He had a lot of expertise in this area and explained to me that there are many kinds of pollutants and particles that not only get into our ventilation systems of our homes, but also that come with us as we enter the home. This is why checking the air quality made good sense.

To be honest, I had never even really considered this before. I guess you see air particles traveling around when the sun shines to your window, but you never really think of those is hazardous. The truth is that they can be.

Inside those air particles are such things as mold, pollen, pieces of bacteria, and many other pollutants did you surely don’t want in your home. You absolutely don’t want to be breathing them in. This is why I found the suggestion for my friend who did air quality testing to be a really sound one.

Turns out that my home did have some issues. There were a lot more particles traveling around in the home that could be potentially hazardous to me than I wanted. He recommended an air purifier for me that had a super fine filter that would remove most of these particles, if not all of them.

I am not saying I noticed a tremendous change in my health, but I do find that I feel better overall. I don’t find that I have a stuffy nose or that I get sick as often as I used to. So I guess my health is better off than I really thought.

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