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Thinking about summer

Thinking about summer - Noella Knoll

Since I moved to this city I did not have time to make friends or go out and meet people. Between unpacking and my job, I barely had the time to finish reading my book. I did not even exercise these days because I felt too tired. I know I should have done it. I feel guilty for giving in to my laziness.

I promised myself I will look for a Group fitness Center Mississauga where I could register and go work out. If I try to do it at home, I will never end up actually doing it. I know myself too well. I will postpone it each day and by the end of summer I will gain back all of that extra weight that I do not miss at all.

When I go to the gym, I feel motivated. Plus I can tell myself that I don’t want to waste the money I paid for the membership. I think it’s safer to say that going there will definitely help me stay in shape.

Now that winter is gone and spring is here I have to think of how I will look in a swimwear. I don’t wish to be that super chubby girl on the beach or at the pool. I don’t want to look like I just had three kids. Oh, no!

Last summer when I went to the beach with my cousin, who actually had three children, everyone thought I was the mother and not her. Why? Take a guess? Because I was the one who was wearing an XL beach dress hiding my curves.

If I managed to lose those pounds and it took me quite a long time to get rid of them, rest assured that I don’t want them back! I am not trying to have a super model look, but at least, I wish to look decent for my age.

Call me crazy if you’d like, I don’t care. On my opinion it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle: eat healthy, exercise and keep your body in shape, have your muscles toned. When I was much bigger, everyone used to believe that I was at least ten years older than my age.

Whenever they heard that I was much younger than what they had thought, they were all surprised. I saw the shocked expression on their faces. I could have read their minds.

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Beautician and lover of quality beauty products – both in pharmacy and her cosmetic booth - Noella Knoll will offer recommendations for your beauty and well-being via this blog, and will not hesitate to share her day to day life. An accomplished businesswoman, she adores covering a wide range of topics that impact your life. Watch for her!